Bacon Brunch Burger Sammich

1 lbs 96% lean 4% fat ground beef
1 lbs ground sausage
bacon fried to taste
dry rub
buttered sesame seed bun
Makes 6 burgers

Mix rub (my choice was Mudflap Jones All Purpose Dry Rub), beef and sausage together thoroughly
Form patties, cut out middle (make a hole), fry until brown
Add egg to hole, close lid (I have a GE made Foreman grill type) for 20 seconds or so, flip, add bacon slices to suit,

add cheese, melt to taste, slap into bun.  Nice thing about the sausage & beef mix, the burger didn't shrink at all.

Should you pick this up and eat like a sammich, wear a bib, an old shirt or go bareback.

Knife and fork is the way to eat this in polite company.

This made a perfect brunch meal served with hash brown patties.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can thank me later for my Brunch Burger.

The beef and sausage is a perfect mix and your dry rub added the flair it needed, of course, good bacon and cheese helps immensely.

Remember friends , the secret to eating well is to throw the scale out with the trash.

Hope this email got you grinning and hungry, take care of yourself and be well.

Theo X. Rojo