Theo X Rojo's

Bacon Cajun Meatloaf

2 lbs lean hamburger
1 lb sausage
2 lbs bacon
1 lb chunk cheddar cheese
1 cup Cajun Kicker Sauce
2 eggs
bread crumbs  \
green pepper    \------- to suit
onion                  /
mushrooms    /
Fry up 1 lb. of bacon for bacon bits. Mix bacon bits with all ingredients.
Form into loaf. I like to cover loaf in Mudflap Jones All Purpose Dry Rub, then wrap loaf with remaining 1 lb. of bacon, shake more rub on bacon wrap.
Sit over night in frig wrapped in plastic wrap, pull loaf out of frig to bring to room temperature before putting on smoker.
Smoke to temp (160), rest and serve. :) >

Thank you Theo!