You can contact me about anything or any question at :

Please note: If you have tried to e-mail me in the past and didn't get any response, please try again until you do.

This e-mail address has been getting over 300 Spam e-mails a day and your e-mail could have been sent to that folder.

When I check the Spam folder I look for any e-mail that has been misplaced but with so many coming in per day its hard to do. 

I had to remove this address from my smart phone because Spam would get thru my Spam filter

and overload the phone. I check the Spam folder at my office now as often as I can.

Please if you do have any question or want to contact me in the subject heading type: "I'm a fan of Mudflap's"  

That will help me find your e-mail if it has been sent to the Spam folder by accident.

I do apologize for any inconvenience.


 While creating this page I checked my Spam folder and there were 1,495 e-mails sent just over the weekend.