Cooking Tips

Oven tips using two of the same size cookie sheets & aluminum foil

Note: This works really good but you should check out and keep an eye on the bacon.

This recipe's timing will vary because of the oven your using, the cut of bacon or the size of you burgers. 


Mudflap’s fast & easy way to cook crispy bacon  

 In a conventional oven

To get started, use two same size cookie sheets & 3- layers of aluminum foil.

Cut one pound of bacon in half

Cover first cookie sheet with foil

Add half of the bacon to the first layer

Add another layer of foil to cover first layer of bacon

Place the rest of bacon over the second layer of foil

Add another layer of foil covering the second layer of bacon

Place second cookie sheet over the top layer of foil (this works like a large bacon press)    


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Bake for 25 to 35 minutes,  check after 25 mins. be carefully remove top cookie sheet & top layer of foil and check your bacon.


Carefully drain excess grease.

Place back in oven until desired crispiness.

The end result is the bacon will be flat & crispy!

You can sprinkle my Prairie Dust lightly over the bacon for a nice change or leave plain