Updated 8/21/19

F.A.Q. for Mudflap Jones Seasoning

If you have a question please send it to: bill@mudflapjones.com


Q. Are you going to be at the Mansfield's covered bridge festival this year.

A. No, last year I had to raise my prices on all my products so much, just to cover my expenses. I will not raised my product prices on my website and with flat-rate shipping, the more you buy, the more you'll save!

Q. Does anyone else make your seasoning or sauce for you?

A. NO! Every seasoning or sauce is made by hand and only by myself. I do use a large mixer to evenly blend the spices and sauce together. This assures me that each batch taste as it should. I also use convection ovens to dry the seasoning out naturally. Everything else, hand blending, bottling and labeling is all done by only me. I have no employees, although I use to have my grandchildren do little simple jobs to earn money. But they have out grown that stage of their life now.

Q. What is the shelf Life of my seasoning?

A. Over 2 years if stored in a dark location

Q. Why is there a manufactured date instead of a best before date

A. That was changed because some customers were throwing away their seasoning before the best before date. I have tried my season that was over 2 Ĺ years old and it still had a fresh taste.

Q. Why is the manufactured date or "best before date" is few months old when I bought it?

A. I print my own labels and I often print extra too. The labels are polyester and they are expensive. I do use up all of my labels I have printed but your season was bottles just before it is shipped or sent out to stores or my show. The lot numbers are the same the only. I do print new labels when I run out or the lot number changes the dates have nothing to do with the freshness of my seasoning.

Q. what happens if my seasoning clumps up?

A. This is mainly because the lid is not closed all the way. In my serving suggestion, there is a step by step way to re-dry your season in the over on the lowest temperature possible.

Q. What is the shelf life of your Cajun Kicker?

A. Also depends on where you store it, in a dark cabinet over 1 year and if opened and refrigerate after opening. Always shake well before using Cajun Kicker sauce

Q. Why arenít the Mudflap Jones Prairie Dust Sweet and Salty available anymore?

A. Lack of sales and every product canít be a home run. Also removed the holiday gift pack special from my product listing too. Or as MacDonaldís spins it " "For a limited time only"

Q. Why is there more music than recipe on you YouTube channel?

A. That was my winter project to organize and record my original music for online streaming and YouTube viewing. This an ongoing project for me to think out of the box!