Mudflap’s Chili Queso Dip 


 makes 4 1/2 cups of dip

1 lb. (16oz) Velveeta, nacho cheese sauce or Monterey Pepper Jack cheese – cubed

1 – (10oz) can of Rotel Original tomatoes – strained

½ cup sour cream

½ cup sweet onion – chopped

¼ cup jalapenos

4 tbsp Mudflap’s Chili Mix  or 2 tbsp Sugar Free Taco Seasoning

In a medium size (2-quart) microwave-able bowl

Add all ingredients in bowl, cover with paper towel

Microwave on high for 4 minutes

Remove and stir well

Cover, return to microwave and heat on high for additional 4 minutes or until cheese is completely melted

Serve with corn chips or use as a sauce for Mexican or Southwestern dishes 

Note: Velveeta  or nacho cheese sauce is the smoothest for this dip but Monterey Pepper Jack cheese is a tasty variation

You can also add more chili seasoning to taste when the cheese sauce is still warm

Keeping the dip warm and stirred  will help reduce the "skin" over the dip