Mudflap Jones All Purpose Dry Rub, Prairie Dust, Chili Mix & Sugar Free Seasonings are all-natural and made without preservatives. If your seasoning becomes “clumpy” don’t worry, it has only absorbed moisture. This happens when the bottle lid flap isn’t closing completely.

How to re-dry your seasonings:

(1).   Turn your oven on to the lowest heat setting or about 150 deg. 

(2).   Place a sheet of foil on a cookie sheet (lay down flat but don’t fold or wrap around the cookie sheet)

(3).   Spread the seasoning on the cookie sheet (break up any clumps) and place cookie sheet in oven

(4).   After 30 minutes check the seasoning by grabbing a hand full and squeeze as hard as you can and drop back on the cookie sheet.  If it falls on the cookie sheet without any clumps, you're done

(5).   Pick up both sides of the foil and pour back into bottle

(6).   Clean your lid flapper channel with a tooth pick

    “Always keep the flapper lids closed tightly”