Mudflap Sugar free Baked Chicken or Pork Chops

(same directions for both)


2 to 4 - Boneless / Skinless Chicken Breast or Boneless / Pork Chops (thawed completely) 

1-large sweet onion  - thinly sliced 

1/3 cup roasted peppers - chopped fine

2-tbsp of butter


Preheat oven to 400 deg. 

Cover both sides of the meat with Mudflap Jones All purpose Sugar Free Seasoning

( you can also use my original Dry Rub or Prairie Dust). Cover a cookie sheet with foil 

(enough to cover the meat from both directions). Place the meat in the center add the

whole onion covering all the meat, add peppers and butter.  Wrap in foil to keep excess juices in the foil. 

Bake 400 deg. for 45 mins. (depending on the size of chicken breast). Drain carefully the excess juice but be careful contents are very hot

Enjoy, Mudflap