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   (updated 12/3/2018)

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NEW!   Oven Baked Pork Chops video

NEW! Thicker Chili recipe video 

NEW! Video of making a 1/2 lb Cheese Ball recipe on the bottle

NEW! Mudflap Jones "Official" Beef Stew recipe 

NEW! Thicker Chili recipe

NEW! 2 Pound Big Party Cheese Ball

Bacon  Brunch  Burger  Sandwich

Cajun  Kicker &nbbsp;Breakfast  Sandwich  Video

Mexican Meatloaf Recipe

Prairie Dust & Cajun Kicker Omelet Video

Perfect Rib Slide Show

Party Cheese Ball Slide Show


Cooking Tips for the oven    Updated 7/10/16

Is your seasoning Clumping up?

How to re-dry your seasoning  

Note: Only my Sugar Free Seasonings should be used for deep frying


Theo’s X Rojo’s

Bacon, Cheddar, Spuds Sammich recipe

Bacon Cajun Meatloaf recipe

Bacon Weave Pork Loin recipe


Cajun Kicker Omelet in a baggie


Mudflap Sugar free Baked Chicken or Pork Chops


Mudflap’s Fast & Easy Sliders


Mudflap’s Chili Queso Dip 


Mudflap Cajun Chicken Wraps  


Garry's Deer Meat Chili


(Original) Mudflap Jones Cheese Ball


All Purpose Dry Rub or Prairie Dust Suggestions


Sugar Free Serving Suggestions


Southwestern Alfredo w/Chicken or Beef 


Mudflap's Dry Rub For Baked Fish

The Mexican Beans and Kielbasa

Cajun Kicker Shrimp

Lime Roast Chicken

Mudflap Cheese Burgers

Original Chili Instructions



 Did you know? Mudflap contains only 360 mg of sodium for every 1 tbsp (10g).

  Compare the sodium content and size of serving of

Mudflap Jones Dry Rub or Prairie Dust to other well-known seasonings. to home page click here)